Carter Response to Police Report & Building a Better St Paul Campaign

Here is the response from the Carter Campaign regarding our release of a portion of the police reports on the burglary of former City Council Member Melvin Carter III’s (DFL) home and a mailing by the Building a Better St Paul Campaign which arrived today.

Members of the press

Today, a mail piece was delivered to Saint Paul residents that attempts to tie Melvin and his family to unrelated violent crimes committed citywide. This mail piece was sent by Building a Better St Paul, an Independent Expenditure committee established to benefit Pat Harris and funded chiefly by the Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Paul Police Federation.

Earlier this afternoon, excerpts of the police report detailing Melvin’s break-in were posted online. This police report is sealed pending the prosecution of charges and is not publicly available.

The following is a statement, attributable to me, in regards to these incidents.

In addition, we wanted to be sure and provide you with a quote from Melvin if you wanted it. To that end, please find attached an audio recording of Melvin’s comments from a meet and greet yesterday evening. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions you have.

“Yesterday, the Saint Paul Police Federation claimed to regret that their offensive letter to the Carter family caused harm. That disingenuous rhetoric has already been proven false.

“These repeated attacks show clearly that our police union has determined that preserving ‘business as usual’ isn’t possible with Melvin in City Hall – and they’re right. The repeated attacks on a family that has been victim to a crime demonstrate again the systemic racism built into police culture across America.

“The Saint Paul Police Federation’s endorsement and support, along with their repeated attacks, must be denounced by every candidate in this race – particularly by Pat Harris, who has touted and embraced their endorsement. This kind of politics has no place in our city.”




Here is an audio file of Carter’s comments at a recent event.

bldg_better_st_paul_S2 (002)

bldg_better_st_paul_S1 (001)

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