2017 St Paul Mayoral Race: The Questions Over Carter’s Guns Continues

We were interested to read the apologies from former City Council Member (Ward Three) Pat Harris (DFL) and St Paul Federation President Dave Titus on Wednesday in the Pioneer Press online after the original letter we first ran on Tuesday. https://checksandbalances.com/2017/10/24/police-federation-sends-carter-a-demand-letter/

Especially, since we continue to hear questions about the consistency of former City Council Member (Ward One) Melvin Carter III’s (DFL) statements contained in the police report on the incident and the follow-up afterward. The issue in question is whether or not Carter purchased one of the firearms at Bill’s Gun Shop in Hudson, WI. Carter has said he received both guns from his father in MPR and Pioneer Press stories.  While his critics refer to a different version in the police reports.

MC3_Police Report_Supplemental_Redacted

MC3_Police Report_Supplemental_1_Redacted

We contacted the Carter Campaign and they referred us to their original statement, first published here.  https://checksandbalances.com/2017/10/24/carter-campaign-releases-statement-on-the-st-paul-police-federation-letter/

There are many opinions about this issue and they are regularly discussed on the St Paul Issues Forum, but beware some of the comments occurring there are clearly uninformed.  http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/stpaul-issues

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