St Paul Municipal Race 2017, Now the Fun Begins

The final two-week campaign finance reports are due today and we will see how much money is collected, how much spent and how much remains on-hand, or will we. No, we will not. The amount of money to be spent in this last period will determine the race. The bevy of mailings, advertisements, and third-party expenditures will begin in earnest.

If any negative attacks are to occur they will start now, when they will be harder to identify, harder to combat and harder to diminish the adverse impact. The question is who will do the dirty work.

What will be the October Surprise?

We know there are some who want the issue of the guns stolen from former City Council Member (Ward One) Melvin Carter III (DFL) home to be discussed.   (The conversation speculates on when the serial numbers were filed off, before or after the crime, which is a convenient supposition.) Correction: This sentence is an ongoing rumor in circulation, but not accurate the focus is more so why Carter will not release the serial numbers. The chain of ownership of said guns also is being questioned, but unless someone comes forward with specific, legitimate knowledge on this issue, if it is an issue, it will likely remain in limbo.

Update: We have learned the St Paul Police Federation is likely to be the source of information.

We know other media sources have been approached with this and other issues question the veracity of the “evidence” in this situation and are unwilling advance a specific point which would clearly benefit former City Council Member (Ward Three) Pat Harris (DFL), who has advanced an anti-crime initiative seeking to hire 50 new Cops. We will see if media source bites.

The reports are due at noon and we will try to be on top of their release.

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