Update on the St Paul Mayoral Election 2017

Voters in St Paul are receiving additional information in the St Paul Mayoral race from an Independent Expenditure group called Building a Better St Paul. Since the Supreme Court ruling on Citizen’s United v. FEC (2010) political campaigns have been supported and opposed by outside campaign groups.

Former Rep. Brian Bergson (DFL-Champlin) who has lived in St Paul for over 20 years, is listed as the Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. The campaign has raised a good deal of money. In its 8-week pre-election the political committee reports receiving $53,600.00, spent $42.652.31 and has a balance of $10,652.32.

So far, the Building a Better St Paul committee has mailed out four literature pieces with favorable information supporting former City Council Member (Ward One) Pat Harris. (DFL). Because this is an independent group it is prohibited from coordinating with the Harris Campaign, but the themes and tenor of the messages highlight attributes the Harris campaign advances itself.

The larger campaign contributions are:

St Paul Police Foundation                           $10,000.00

St Paul Chamber of Commerce                  $10,000.00

Teamsters Local 120                                     $10,000.00

St Paul Police Federation                             $10,000.00

Stephanie Laitala (Minneapolis Resident) $5,000.00

We are expecting the more negative, targeted efforts to differentiate Harris from the field of nine other candidates will occur are the last campaign finance report is filed on October 24th.

Here is a link to the full report.

Stay tuned.

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