Governor Dayton Fails to Deliver

The frustration Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) expressed about the legislation he faced, the and exasperation he felt, is feckless, because he didn’t do anything to reflect his sentiments. The vetoing of legislative salaries is an ineffective and veritably useless response. The use of a pocket veto, is a cowardly act, political in nature because it allows legislation to go into effect without an executive signature. It is directly opposite what it appears to be, a veto.

If the Governor sought to accomplish anything it was only through vetoing the tax bill. If the Department of Revenue was defunded, then he needed to veto all the spending bills and force the Republicans back to the table. The major problems he highlights are not responded to in any way, he just kvetches about them.

Here are Dayton’s biggest gripes:

  • Cancellation of the Estate Tax
  • Removal of the automatic inflater on the Tobacco Tax
  • Reduction in Commercial and Industrial Property Tax
  • Prevention of the Commissioner of Public Safety from allowing driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants
  • An alternative teacher’s licensing procedure

When we discussed the stamina of Dayton as an X factor, we may have hit the mark. Yes, it is a tiring exercise to respond the innovative approaches Republicans to governance. It is not new information to realize Republicans are anti-government. To faint false surprise that the GOP has a drastically different view of the world should come as no surprise at all.

When the governor stands at the podium, wrings his hands at the mess that has been wrought, he might as well be playing with a fidget spinner, because he effectively does nothing, and he fails the citizens of the state.

Sure, Republicans held back legislation from public view until the last minute, because their tactic is to hide the ball, for as long as possible, bring items up in the dark of night and place rotten Easter Eggs in the legislation that appears after, all is said and done.

The final budget signed into law leaves Dayton with a haunting legacy and proves the ineffectiveness of his office to recognize the political reality of Republican control. Thanks for nothing Governor Dayton.

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