Debating Science Versus Stupidity

Watching the debate on the House Floor on SF550 is an interesting exercise, akin to watching your favorite sports team being beaten by your biggest rival. We listened to Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (R-18B, Glencoe) address his colleagues on the topic of climate change. He sincerely voiced his disbelief in the support by 97% of scientists acknowledging the existence of human influence on climate change. As he spoke it was hard not to shout, out words like blooming idiot, imbecile, and an abject fool.

It is clear the residents of district 18B, may not be any more intelligent than their representative because they have sent him to St Paul four times. As an insurance man, Gruenhagen provides his customers with protection against calamities and misfortunes. We only wish he would do the same to viewers of the session unless his intent is to provide comedic relief, but we learned long ago it is not polite to tease the mentally challenged.

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