Speaking of the Bonding Bill

It is our opinion, on the House side the Bonding Bill will rise and approach a billion dollars, but will not exceed a billion. Our indications from Capitol Investment Committee Chair Dean Urdahl (R-18A, Grove City) reinforce this idea.

Although, while Urdahl uses the Republican playbook currently in use, which is isolating DFLers from the conversation he risks ultimate passage of his bill. Because a Bonding Bill requires a super majority of 81 House votes, Republicans will need DFL votes for passage. This unique reality behooves Urdahl to extend a hand to Minority Lead Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL-66A, St Paul) and allow her to help craft a viable bill.

Urdahl confided the bill will pass with inclusion of items with broad support, but since there is far greater need than the bill will meet, we reiterate the question asked by a sage member of the legislative establishment Rep. Lyndon Carlson (DFL-45A, Crystal) When all is agreed to will there still be leaking roofs in buildings across the state?

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