Fight for DFL Chair

We have learned the result of the DFL Chair’s race Ken Martin  369 Donna Cassutt 110. 

We are on-hand for the DFL Business Conference in Hinckley, which will select its party leadership for the next two years. The candidates have drawn lots and DFL Party Chair Ken Martin, speaks first followed Bill Hamm, and Donna Cassutt. Each is allotted five minutes to address the delegates.

The candidates will draw again for the question and answer portion of the process. Martin  was joined on stage with a large group of supporters. Next speaking is Hamm, who was the only person in his support group. He then withdrew in support of the candidates from the Progressive Caucus.

Our count of Cassutt supporters wearing t-shirts is less than 25 delegates on the floor. The bulk of Cassutt delegates joining her on stage are not voting delegates.

The results of the race for Vice-Chair are in Marge Hoffa won with 254 to 153.

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