All the Talk About Hennepin County What About Ramsey County’s Early Voters?

This morning we heard Hennepin County Elections Director Ginny Gelms on the radio this morning discussing the high early voting in her county, and that set us wondering about Ramsey County. We contacted Ramsey County Election Director Joe Manasky and here is what we learned:

  1. As of this morning, we have accepted 43,379 absentee ballots, The previous high was 30,786 in 2008. We are still open for voting today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  2.  Yesterday, 1,324 people voted in person here at the Elections Office, an all-time record for one day. We are likely to break that record again once or twice before Tuesday.
  3.  Over 10,000 people have now voted in person at the Elections Office since the start of voting on September 23.
  4.  We estimate that 17% of our total voting in the general election will be from ballots cast prior to election day. The previous record was 12% in 1996, when the county had no-excuse absentee voting under an experimental program authorized by the legislature.


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