Are Suburban Republicans Cowards or Just Cagey?

Republicans legislators may be overwhelmingly stupid or uncommonly brilliant, because they are not very forthcoming on their positions on Republican Presidential candidate Donald J Trump (R). Like it or not, Trump will have a significant effect on GOP turnout and Democrats are scratching their proverbial heads trying to figure out how a suppressed response at the top of the ticket will influence down ballot races.

By their silence we are not sure if this is a sign of political cowardice or avarice. For the last month we have been calling suburban legislators and trying the ascertain the impact of the Trump effect, and the response to it from local elected officials. To their credit, three had the temerity to return our call and answer our questions and they are: Sens Roger Chamberlain (R-38, White Bear Lake), Karin Housely (R-39, St Mary’s Point), and Reps Linda Runbeck (R-38A, Circle Pines) and Matt Dean (R-38B, Dellwood) is willing to review the questions and will contact us back if he is willing to answer.

This is far better than Rep. Kelly Fenton (R-53B, Woodbury) who asked us to call back and has failed to respond to numerous calls since and Sen. Warren Limmer R-34, Maple Grove) with who we spoke to in person and he gave us every indication he was ready for a follow-up call, but he to has failed to respond. Sen. Dan Hall (R-56, Burnsville) called us and then he too refuses to answer.

We have always felt it is better to meet a challenge attacking it fully face forward rather than avoiding the elephant in the room and expecting others to ignore it. We hope they will have the courage to return our calls soon, otherwise they are proving themselves to be cowardly.

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