Absentee Ballot Numbers Up Substantially

We contacted the Secretary of State’s office (SOS) to see what our absentee ballots numbers look like during a Presidential Election, and implementation of “No Excuse Absentee Ballot” voting. The number have increased by more than double. In 2012, at this time there were 70,899 Accepted (only absentee) with 143,011 Transmitted absentee ballots. This year, 150,973 Accepted (absentee + mail-ballot only precincts), 351,775 Transmitted ballots (absentee + mail-ballot only precincts), and 281,532 Transmitted absentee ballots (mail/in-person).

In comparison in 20114, a non-Presidential Election year, where overall turnout was the lowest at 50.51%; 45,231 Accepted (absentee + mail-ballot only precincts), 161,953 Transmitted ballots (absentee + mail-ballot only precincts), and 111,575 Transmitted absentee ballots (mail/in-person).

The SOS runs these numbers on Thursdays and they provide them with county breakdowns, we wish the numbers were available based on political subdivisions like Congressional Districts and state legislative districts, to help ascertain the concentrations juxtaposed against competitive political contests.

Democrats have been dedicating a substantial portion of their campaign activities to registering people to vote and getting new voters to apply for absentee ballots. They consider each vote collected by absentee ballot, is one in the bank.

102016_absentee_ballots (By County)

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