Will Hann’s Loss Affect Paulsen?

Before his election to Congress, Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-MN03) represented Eden Prairie in the state house. During his legislative tenure he served for two-terms as the House Majority Leader. We believe the problems Sen. David Hann (R-48, Eden Prairie) are having is not strictly a personal problem, but a broader issue.

Eden Prairie is shifting from red to purple and it’s not because the Viking’s are moving their practice facility to Eagan. Hann’s opposition to the Southwest Light Rail Line, may have been a form of subtle racism, because that would make his community more accessible to minority communities.

If that is the case, minorities already have been moving out to Eden Prairie and surrounding communities. As the amount of melanin rises in the school pictures so do the DFL index. We are wondering what implications this will have on Paulsen.

If Eden Prairie and Bloomington add more blue to the map, the opportunities for Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-44, Minnetonka) improve dramatically. The problem is while she is seen paddling the Mississippi or stepping up to speak, she misses the boat tying Paulsen, to the Republican Party, and the raft of anti-women planks in their platform. Bonoff should get out of the kayak and start calling Paulsen to account for his stance on women. Maybe she should have had someone from MN doing her messaging rather than the DCCC.

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