In the Battle for Political $$ the DFL Leads Handily

The campaign finance reports for the various political entities are out and we have assembled a breakdown of the numbers for your perusal.

Republican Party of MN

Cash Collected                  601,753.81

In-Kind Contributions     230,911.35

Total Receipts                   832,665.16

Ending Cash Balance         90,582.05

Total Expenditures          876,124.03

In-Kind Expenditures      230,911.35

Total Debt                           294,245.51


HRCC (House Republic Caucus)

Cash Collected                  1,252,392.20

In-Kind Contributions                748.16

Total Receipts                   1,253,138.46

Ending Cash Balance       1,131,250.38

Total Expenditures             800,498.01

In-Kind Expenditures                746.16

Total Debt                                           0.00


Senate Victory Fund (Republican Senate Caucus)

Cash Collected                  668,083.00

In-Kind Contributions          5,948,96

Total Receipts                   674,031,96

Ending Cash Balance       293,205.93

Total Expenditures          806,100.16

In-Kind Expenditures          5,948.96

Total Debt                                       0.00


MN DFL Party

Cash Collected            4,324,890.68

In-Kind Contributions              0.00

Total Receipts           4,324,890.68

Ending Cash Balance    393,417.43

Total Expenditures    4,033,808.55

In-Kind Expenditures      95,643.76

Total Debt                                     0,00



DFL Senate Caucus

Cash Collected                  2,474,271.27

In-Kind Contributions           25,570.81

Total Receipts                   2,488,700.46

Ending Cash Balance       1,307,425.99

Total Expenditures          2,397,148.95

In-Kind Expenditures           77,856.91

Total Debt                                          0.00


DFL House Caucus

Cash Collected             2,459,460.35

In-Kind Contributions       37,427.26

Total Receipts              2,241,983.09

Ending Cash Balance   1,150,127.74

Total Expenditures      1,881,141.86

In-Kind Expenditures        39,427.26

Total Debt                                       0.00


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