Because of Trump, the DFL House Caucus is Following a Similar Targeting Strategy.

As we stated previously, polling data is showing Donald J. Trump (R) is a drag on the GOP ticket and is creating opportunities for the DFL House Minority to recapture seats lost in 2014 and potentially gain seats in the suburban districts. They too are expanding their 2016 Target List.

Originally, the DFL House Target List included the 11 seats lost in the 2014 election, the Special Election loss in Bloomington and the four open seats. The 2014 losses are: Rep. Dave Handcock (R-02A, Bemdji) Josh Heintzeman (R-10A, Nisswa) Rep. David Lueck (R10B, Nisswa), Jason Rarick (R-11B, Brook Park), Rep. Jeff Backer (R-12A, Browns Valley), Rep. Jim Knoblach (R-14B, St Cloud), Rep. Tim Miller (R-17A, Prinsburg), Rep. Dave Baker (R-17B, Willmar), Rep. Brian Daniels (R- 24A, Faribault), Rep. Peggy Bennett (R-27A, Albert Lea), Rep. Drew Christensen (R-56A, Burnsville) and Rep. Roz Peterson (R-56B, Lakeville)  The target after the January Special Election is Rep. Chad Anderson (R-50B, Bloomington).

The DFL is seeking to retain the seats of retiring members in Eden Prairie 48A and Rochester 25B and pick-up the two seats made possible by the in flagrante delicto of Rep. Tim Kelly (R-21A, Red Wing) and Rep. Tara Mack (R-57A, Apple Valley).

In this case their Target List is also expanding to include: Majority Leader Rep. Joyce Peppin (R-34A, Rogers), and first term incumbent Rep. Dennis Smith (R-34B, Maple Grove), Rep. Mark Uglem (R-36A, Brooklyn Park), Rep. Linda Runbeck (R-38A, Cirlce Pines) and Rep. Matt Dean (R-38B, Dellwood), and Rep. Kathy Lohmer (R-39B, Stillwater).

The House DFL will intensify its campaigns against Rep. Drew Christensen (R-56A, Burnsville) and Rep. Roz Peterson (R-56B, Burnsville).

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