Speaker Daudt a Master of Double Speak

Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-31A, Crown) said, “I think may get a tax target today.” as he had just left Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk’s (DFL-03, Cook) office. Coincidentally, we witnessed the Speaker come in through a door accessible only with a pass key, which means his key card allows him access. He was speaking with a couple of reports while en-route to House for the floor session accompanied by House Majority Leader Joyce Peppin (R-34A, Rogers) and House Majority Caucus Executive Director Ben Golnik.

When asked what they will be tackling during the session Daudt said, “We will address bonding bill first.” When asked about the session’s progression he quipped,  “Today’s the day we have to make real progress.” He continued discussing the tenure his caucus was trying to project, “We want a transparent process, that’s the goal.”

As he further expanded on his thoughts an obvious disconnect emerged. He highlighted the current process saying, “I think the chairs (conference committee) are talking and we’re just trying to set the targets.” This is where the problem lies the conference committees need targets in order to do their work and the Republican House leadership is failing to provide the necessary information for them to do their work.

We spoke with Majority Leader Bakk about his last exchange with the Speaker and he was quite clear about the current situation, saying, “If the Speaker wants things to move forward its in his hands. If he wants to make something happen its up to him.”

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