DFL Endorsement Fight in House District 60B

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There is no endorsement in the 60B House race

We are on-hand at NE Middle School for the DFL endorsing convention for House District 60B. At this moment the candidates are in a Q&A session for 30 minutes and then the first ballot will commence. The first question asked, “Will you abide by the DFL endorsement?” Ilhan Omar answered, “No.” Mohamud Noor said, “No,” and Rep. Phyllis Kahn said, Yes.”

We understand there are some expressed concerns about specific delegates not being who their credential states they are. We are not sure if there will be a challenge, but the issue has been discussed off of the floor.

At this time the numbers we posted in our earlier post seem to be fairly accurate. Omar is claiming 54%, Kahn 34% and Noor 10%. That means 2% is unaccounted for. If these numbers prove then we expect Noor to be dropped on the 2nd ballot and we understand his delegates will vote for “No Endorsement” afterward. If both the Kahn and Noor camps stay on the floor they will be able to block the endorsement.

Stay tuned and we will report on the first ballot results.

1st Ballot 

Right now our information is limited. There were 225 votes cast and no endorsement.

Omar 141 votes cast for 54.65%

Kahn 89 votes cast for 34.5%

Noor 28 votes cast for 10.25%

2nd Ballot 

Omar 141 votes cast for 55.51%

Kahn 85 votes cast for 33.46%

Noor 27 votes cast for 10.63%

Noor  not having more than 20% addressed the delegates and will not be on the 3rd Ballot. Now, the question is will the delegates who were supporting Noor vote No Endorsement.  If they do things will remain in place and there will be no endorsement.

3rd Ballot 

Omar 137 votes cast for 54.8%

Kahn 85 votes cast for 33.%

Noor 28 votes cast for 11.2%

4th Ballot 

Omar 134 votes cast for 54.69%

Kahn 83 votes cast for 33.88%

Noor 28 votes cast for 11.43%

5th Ballot 

Omar 137 votes cast for 55.42%

Kahn 82 votes cast for 33.20%

Noor 28 votes cast for 11.34%

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