How MN National Delegates Are Selected

A week from today, interested persons will gather in churches, classrooms and community centers across the state of Minnesota for precinct caucuses to start the process for delegate selection which ultimately leads to national delegate selection. The determining events will be a series of straw polls taken at the precinct caucuses and then counted and applied in each of the eight Congressional Districts in addition to the statewide results. The two parties each have a different allotment of delegates and a different process for allocation.

On the Republican side, there will be 38 national delegates in play with three allotted to each of the eight Congressional Districts. There are 14 statewide Republican delegates 11 elected at-large and apportioned in line with the results of the statewide straw poll and 3 are party officers. (Chair, National Committee man and woman).

The DFL Party has the greater amount with 93, of which 78 are determined based on the straw poll results. 50 of the national delegates are decided at the eight congressional district conventions, but must be in line with the straw poll results from the precinct caucuses, 17 at-large delegates and 10 pledged PLEO’s (Party Leaders and Elected Officials)  are decide upon at the DFL state convention. The remaining delegates are 16 unpledged PLEO’s or super delegates which include the 2 US Senators, 5 members of Congress, 6 party officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, two Democratic National Committee men and two Democratic National Committee women), Governor, former Vice President Walter Mondale and current DNC Vice-Chair RT Rybak.

CD     Males     Females     Total

#1           3                  2                 5

#2           3                 3                 6

#3           4                 3                 7

#4          4                  3                7

#5          4                  5                9

#6          2                  3                5

#7          2                  3                5

#8          3                  3                6

It is worth noting Results of the preference ballot will be announced March 12, 2016.

Reference DFL Party Call

In both the DFL and Republican Parties, the results of the straw polls are binding, caveat for the first ballot, but in the case of the Republicans Party there is a minimum threshold for allocation of 10%. If any Republican candidate receives 85% they secure the state allotment in its entirety. The allocation starts with the candidate in receipt of the highest number of votes and then divided by the total of the votes for all of the candidates, who reached achieved the minimum threshold. Meaning, if Donald Trump receives 50% at any level and only two other candidates exceed the minimum threshold of 10% the allotment of 11 delegates would be 5 with proportional allotment to each succeeding candidate. At the congressional district level, if Trump secures 50% and the two runners up receive at least 10% all will be allotted a single delegate. Reference National Delegate Selection Documents

In order to win the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, a candidate must win a simple majority or 2,382 delegates of the expected 4,763. The case is the same is for the Republican presidential nominee, who must receive 1237 of 2462 for nomination.

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