Finally, A City Wise Enough to Reject Ranked Choice Voting

Our publisher Shawn Towle, was born in Duluth, and he was watching last night’s election results in the Zenith City will great interest. Mainly, because he hoped for Ranked Choice Voting to finally fail in a municipal election. Additionally, he was also watching the Duluth Mayoral race, because he had squared off against Independent Candidate Chuck Horton, back in his pugilist years. We did expect Horton to be vanquished.

We read with great interest former Vice-President Walter Mondale’s (D) Op/Ed in Sunday’s Duluth News Tribune, calling on the citizen’s of the Zenith City to reject Ranked Choice Voting. This article was reminiscent of one penned by Towle in 2011, just prior to the first usage in the Capitol City.

We are ebullient to see that finally one major city in Minnesota is able to see through the heaps of BS constantly trotted out to extol the virtues of an unnecessary system. The most powerful point remains, this is a solution in search of a problem.

The reason the more progressive voters think this specious idea has merit is because they want to forgo any plurality elections and prevent another Green Party candidate from succeeding in mucking up the election results as Ralph Nader did in 2002.  Minneapolis can keep their problems for themselves and hopefully smarter people will prevail in the future. We hear there is an effort to correct this in St Paul next election, and the advocates can count on Checks & Balances to support the idea.

In Duluth, the initiative failed on a nearly 3-1 margin.

 YES 5271 25.30%
 NO 15564 74.70%

Congratulations to the more intelligent community on the shores of Lake Superior.

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