Blogger’s Desire to Join the GOP Senate Squad

Residual Forces blogger Andy Aplikowski (R) made his aspirations known to ranks of Republicans who follow his screed on July 6th. Aplikowski expressed his want to fill the vacating seat of Sen. Branden Petersen (R-35, Andover). Petersen, who says he could have held off an interparty Primary challenge, mainly due to his sole support for Gay Marriage in the Senate GOP.

The question is would Aplikowski have been one of the villager carrying the torch to burn Petersen? Since he has served in a few different party positions he is a likely candidate, but it looks like we will miss the opportunity to see if he is enlightened on this point.

The idea of a Sen Aplikowski brings to mind the old joke, I married a Pole and he gave me something long and hard. What’s that? A last name. If elected Aplikowski would share a distinguishing situation along with the Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL-03, Cook), since his wife Rachel Aplikowski is currently an Executive Assistant for the Republican Senate Caucus.

He would also bring his extreme opinions to the Senate floor and fill a void left by Sen. Michelle Bachmann (R-Stillwater), long on rhetoric and short on substance. We find it interesting when Republicans seek public office since they are anti-government at the start. Why would a small government conservative want to be elected? Well it’s the money of course. Public benefits, pensions and public recognition.

It seems to us, electing Republicans to office is akin to asking a demolitions expert to build a house.

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