Does the MN Republican Party Need a Cosigner with Deep Pockets?

The ability to borrow is always based on one’s ability to repay and when one buys something in advance of payment they are expected to make good on the obligation. It seems that the MN Republican Party is not credit worthy. It appears they bought on spec, but failed to meet the call when it was called.

During the last election they contract for services with two mailing houses Salt Lake City-based Arena Communications and the Kansas-based Singularis Group and both still have not been made whole from the 2014 election, to the tune of $300,000.

The reports of the financial troubles of the MN Republican Party have been widely known, but one would think a partial success in the recapture of the MN House would offer up opportunities for additional fundraising.

The credit worthiness of the MN GOP may show why so much money was invested in Independent Expenditure campaigns rather than through traditional party resources.

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