Can the Perception of Extreme Social Issues Hurt DFL House Majority Chances

We are hearing conversations about the possibility of social issues affecting the DFL’s chances democratic chances in greater Minnesota legislative districts.

In 2012, the state rejected the Constitutional Amendment to enshrine discrimination in our  state’s Constitution with a ban on Gay Marriage. After this battle the legislature passed Gay Marriage and a number of DFLer’s in vulnerable districts voted for the measure. Later in 2014, they also voted for stronger anti-bullying legislation, which was discussed in terms associated with protections for student’s largely signaled out because of their sexual preferences.

Today the MN High School League was scheduled to take up the issue of trans-gendered athlete, but postponed the vote.

We are not saying these issues are unimportant, but if the perception of the legislature being dominated by a Twin Cities, permissive culture prevails, candidates in more conservative areas of the state may have to account for the perception.

If this occurs it could jeopardize DFL’s chances to retain the majority specifically because social issue create reactionary responses.

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