MNSure Announces Lowest Insurance Rates in the Nation

Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman met with reports today to highlight the insurance rates and carriers for MNSure. In his comments he spent a good amount of time discussing the departure of PerferredOne from the program the impact on rates. Republicans were quick to point out the dramatic rate increases in specific coverage categories, but we will point out the most signicant changes were in the lower cost programs. During his comments Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) was quick to anyone can cherry pick through the program, but this is not a government run program the rates and the coverage are left to the companies that participate in the program and the free market is in effect.

We asked Dayton his feelings when comparing Minnesota to Wisconsin and he said, “I always like to see us better off when compared with Wisconsin.” In the chart provided the Minneapolis/St Paul region shows cost around $180.00 while the costs for Millwakee were around $390.00. One fact stated Minnesota has the lowest health care costs in the nation and the average increase is 4.5%.

The companies involved in MnSure are: Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Blue Plus (Affliated with Blue Cross & Blue Shield), Health Partners, Medica and UCare.

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