September Surprise in State Auditor’s Race?

Checks & Balances has it on good authority State Auditor candidate Randy Gilbert (R) may end his bid for office. The reason being allegations of an affair with a realtor of which he arranged trysts with under the guise of obtaining for properties rehabilitation. This information is being communicated the woman’s ex-husband and we are expecting television news stories to follow shortly.

If Gilbert does end his bid it will mean a free ride for incumbent State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL). This will mean Checks & Balances has impacted two Constitutional races this election. Remember we tweeted the Dennis Nyguen (R) Strip Club story in March.

Interestingly, enough the Republican Constitutional candidates are having an event this evening on Lake Minnetonka on a boat owned by Al & Alma’s of the Viking’s scandal fame. Seems like being parked out on the dock might be the place to be tonight. Question is will Gilbert be there.

Maybe this is why Senate Minority Leader David Hann (R-48, Eden Prairie) is so adamant about wanting to remove our press credentials.



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