DFL State Convention Aftermath

The activity at the DFL State Convention was largely about internal structure, policy and procedures. The attempt to remove state legislators from the endorsement calculus mainly orchestrated by DFL Party Chair Ken Martin failed miserably. In fact, his attempt to reduce the number of elected officials down to 60 actually went 180°in the opposite direction.

In 2016, all endorsed state legislators will be joined by 60 new elected officials, who will consist of mayors, city council members and county board members who caucus DFL.

In addition to this item, Martin lost on the call for mandatory odd-year conventions at all levels of the process. His attempt to merge the Secretary and Treasurer also failed as did his attempt to have the Vice-Chair and the Out Reach Director become one position.

All and all, it was a bad convention for Chairman Martin, who if he had succeeded, people were apt to call Chairman Mao.

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