The David Hann Saga

In case you missed it, this last legislative session Checks & Balances and Senate Minority Leader Sen. David Hann (R-48, Eden Prairie) were having a small conflict. The conflict centered around why   is called Minority Leader and not Majority Leader, and the reason is, the results of the 2012 election.

It has been documented that Checks & Balances Publisher Shawn Towle owns two companies one that does publishing through Checks & Balances and another that does consulting and as we understand that consulting has been done for both the Minnesota Republican Party and the DFL Senate Caucus.

This created the bone of contention for Hann and hence he tried to capture or get revoked the press credentials for Shawn Towle and Checks & Balances.

He tried, but he failed. Not once, not twice, but three times. First, he discussed the issue for 12 minutes in the Senate Rules Committee on May 14th. There he tried to empower the Rules Committee to direct the Sergeant-at-Arms to take them away, which didn’t happen. Then he tried  to amend the issue on suspension of the rules on the floor of the Senate. This failed when it was ruled as not germane and the DFL majority voted 32 in favor against the 25 members of minority. In fact some Republican senators walked rather than vote on an insignificant issue.

Later, he even called for reconsideration of the previous question, which in turn failed on a voice vote.
We had the pleasure of talking with Hann directly the next day on this issue and he effectively turned tail and ran away. Here is the transcript of that conversation.

C&B: Sen. Hann if you’re such a good fiscal conservative why did you waste $400,000 of taxpayer’s money by not settling with Michael Brodkorb?

Hann: “That’s not my, I don’t even know what you are talking about.”

C&B: If you would not had hubris you would actually got that deal done it would have been taken care of and you would not have had to waste taxpayer’s money.

C&B: Oh, you walk away?  Why is it you sought a contract with Boys and Tyler so that you could make benefit by being a chairman Mr. Hann.

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