It’s the Bees Knees: Protecting Pollinators Against Lethal Insecticides

One major accomplishment this legislative session was a bill authored in the House by Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-52A, South St Paul). We asked him to describe what the legislation he conceived of does he said, “We passed the first in the nation, bill for labeling plants that nurseries and green houses can not label plants as being beneficial to pollinators if they are not. We establish a definition of pollinator lethal insecticide and provided a consumer protection for those many Minnesotans, who are asking to have plants that are beneficial to pollinators, honeybees and others. People are concerned about the loss of pollinators and their impact on our environment.”

We could not have said it any better ourselves and we know the national pesticide and insecticide lobbyists showed up, because they did not want any legislation like this to happen anywhere in the nation, and Minnesota did it. Now the Cell Phone industry had better watch their backs, no make that their towers.

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