Additional Republican Allegations

We also know a letter has been circulated by someone intent on undermining Sen. Julianne Ortman’s chances for endorsement, her possible Primary bid (with endorsement) and challenge to US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) in November. The letter, posted by a former Republican Deputy Chair candidate Corey Sax on his Facebook page is causing a bit of a firestorm in Republican circles.

As we read it, this letter makes some sharp allegations at Ortman, which have been long-term rumors. Now we are not passing judgement or giving any validity to the claims, we are just acknowledging the existence of the letter and here is why:

1. Someone sent the letter and if his or her affiliation is to a specific campaign there could be collateral damage.
2. This could be an example of mutually assured destruction.
3. One speculation is the Chris Dahlberg campaign had a hand in this due to the fact their campaign along with Ortman’s has agreed to abide by the endorsement.
4. Additional point, the letter is postmarked from a Duluth Post Office, which might lead one to believe the Dahlberg campaign has involvement here, but few believe this campaign has the wherewithal to orchestrate such a maneuver or the ability to capitalize on it if they did.
5. Conspiracy theorists think just the opposite and point their finger at the Mike McFadden campaign, because of the postmark and who it would most adversely effect, McFadden’s opponents.
6. The tie between Ortman and Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek is hence heightened.
7. Ortman is telling delegates law enforcement is investigating the issue. In Republican ranks this is now being referred to as deploying the Laura Brod Strategy.

In the letter, the author identifies with Concerned Conservatives and starts to piece this way, “In 2012 are party lost control of the MN legislature because…”
Now give our history, finding a glaring typo in the 2nd word of a sentence might seem like a bit of hypocrisy, but we’re just saying. This person seems to be ignorant and the fact they self-identify as a Conservative makes this blatantly clear.

We will keep you apprised if more comes to light.

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