Is Gov. Dayton Projecting Personal Bias Into the Medical Marijuana Debate?

As we listen to the debate over Medical Marijuana and hear Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) defer to the law enforcement community, we speculate if Dayton his projecting his own particular biases into the debate, rather than holding a specific, high regard for the law enforcement community. Dayton has publicly, made it known of his struggle with alcoholism and he may misguidedly believe, Marijuana is a “gateway drug.”

As the testimony, of mothers and children about the frustrations they face each day without any solace as to the plight of their children or themselves in battling seizures. There is other segments society that could benefit from Medical Marijuana. If the law enforcement community truly wants to help society and not just continue to incarcerate our population, they should look at the numbers. Incidents of crime are falling in Colorado. Our state used to have fairly, liberal laws regarding Marijuana and until the judgmental, law and order period of the Reagan era our state was less right-wing authoritarian. In the 1970’s a person carrying a quarter ounce only received a misdemeanor charge.

If Dayton, wants to be positioned as more progressive and appeal to a more libertarian sector of the electorate, he should stand aside and let people do as they see fit. Each person has their own demons and it is not society’s job to fight them for us.

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